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Web Master Harness


secure, reflective, multi-use

The Web Master is a supportive, multi-use dog harness, intended for hiking, scrambling, rehabilitation and mobility assistance. The Ruffwear Web Master Harness allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventures with your favourite canine companion.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient, easy to clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place over time
  • Anatomical design provides controlled,comfortable and balanced lifting with good load dispersion
  • Customiseable fit with five points of adjustment allow for full range of motion
  • Secure design for even the best "houndini dog"
  • Foam padded chest and belly straps for comfortable, ex-tended wear
  • Two points of connection: aluminium V-ring leash attachment up front or the webbing loop at the rear
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective trim assists visibility in low light


Check out these videos on measuring your dog's girth & adjusting the Webmaster straps.

In between sizes - go for the larger size.

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Customer Reviews

the best harness out there

Great harness for a small, skinny, long legged jack russel type dog who accompanies us on longboard skateboards, it takes the pressure off his throat when he pulls me on the skateboard and I can easily lift him at speed up onto the deck, keeping him on a short lead to stop him jumping off when he feels rested and ready to run again, this harness balances the dog really well, I can also see us using it rock clambering just to lift him when the going gets a bit steep for him. Seems a really comfortable harness, might not look it but light and the dog doesn't mind wearing it at all.


I don't leave home without it.

This harness is exceptional. After trawling the Internet looking for the best for my dog I feel like I found it with the Webmaster. I have a Miniature Schnauzer who comes to work with me every day in the van. He loves the van and 9/10 he will scramble his way up onto his seat with no help but sometimes he gets a little lift using the handle. Inside the van while driving he remains clipped onto the lead and a fastened carabiner allowing him to hang his head out of the window without my fear of him falling out. It's impossible for him to wriggle out I the harness giving me the confidence that no matter where I am he can not slip his collar. This is especially important on building sites or busy streets with lots of traffic.
On the weekend we go walking and scrambling over rocks. Not much stops him or slows him down but those big rocks or walking styles are a little much for him so instead of lifting him up on his muddy body and giving him a nervouse landing the handle lets me lift and deposit him in a much more comfortable dignified manner. I have also added the Ruffwear beacon to his harness and the early winter nights are made easier as I just follow the firefly like light across the beach as he charges around. Top kit worth every penny.


Fantastic Harness

Great harness ideal for my Collie cross, superb piece of kit with the ruffwear light attached to the back. The harness is also escape proof for dogs who like to wriggle out of harnesses. Cannot recommend this harness enough.


Brilliant harness!

Brilliant harness that allows full range of movement for my Patterdale. He loves to come scrambling with me in the Lake District and Snowdonia and the Webmaster makes lifting him over some of the bigger rocks that he can't climb an absolute doddle.



Excellent product , Excellent customer service , Many Thanks


Surpassed my expectations

My 18-month old Hungarian Vizsla has had five operations on his legs to correct a growth plate defect in his hocks. I was looking for a harness that would allow me to help him into the car, help me to get him over obstacles and control him on a long lead when we’re near cliffs and drop-offs in the hills (when he’s fully recovered from the operations). The medium sized harness fitted him perfectly despite him being deep in the chest for a small hound. The back length is just right. He accepted the harness almost strait away with a bit of encouragement with a treat or two. He’s been wearing the harness most days for extended periods to ensure he’s happy in it and there haven’t been any issues with chaffing or restriction when he lies down. There’s plenty of freedom of movement but it is nice and secure around his body. I’m not in the habit of writing reviews but being the cynical type I expected the harness not to live upto expectations. I’m glad to be proved very wrong, it’s a fantastic harness.